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Recharge Card Printing Business is Profitable & Legitimate!

You can start printing recharge cards with mobile phone or computer in Nigeria

netdivo software for printing recharge cards in nigeria. prints epins of mtn, glo, airtel 9mobile networks

NetDivo ePin Manager Software Is Very Reliable for Airtime Printing In Nigeria!

The universal recharge card printing software by NetDivo, converts epins to recharge cards you can sell to make money from selling recharge cards in Nigeria.

You can download and install it FREE but you won’t be able to use it until you activate it with it’s authorization code. The software does not work on phones. It works only on computers but it does not require internet to print recharge cards.

Want To Print Recharge Cards With Phone ?

If you don’t have a computer, you can also use mobile phone to print recharge cards by accessing the netdivo epin manager online portal for printing recharge cards, via your phone web browser.

You can access the portal via the web browser on your Computer, Macbook, iPhone, Android phone and tablet to print recharge cards of all networks in Nigeria. If you have android phone, you can download netdivo app apk. Internet access is required!

netdivo login page for portal and app for printing recharge cards

Is Recharge Cards Business Profitable?

Wondering if recharge card business is profitable in Nigeria? Well, it is and very easy to start. Recharge card is one GSM product that every GSM user has not been able to live without. People must talk and surf the internet. Hence, you will sell and make money with ease!

However, it is important to remember that there are a number of factors that need to be considered when starting recharge card business in Nigeria, including the amount of capital you want to invest and your marketing strategy.

things needed for recharge card printing

Our Pricing

NetDivo ePin Manager Is Very Affordable and Competitive!

NB : Payment for NetDivo software authorization code DOES NOT qualify you for free access to the NetDivo online portal for printing recharge cards. They are two different products entirely.

How To Print Recharge Cards in Nigeria

  1. Pay for NetDivo ePin Manager software OR online portal activation code.
  2. Buy bulk ePins from us (NetDivo) or other cheap recharge card epins dealers in Nigeria, that we recommend.
  3. Upload the ePins to the software or online portal.
  4. Connect recharge card printer to computer or phone and load it with papers.
  5. Use the recharge card software or portal to print the airtime e-Pins on the papers.
  6. Sell the recharge cards and make money.

Kindly note that you can use the software or portal to add your business name to the recharge cards you print.

Click Here To Watch How To Print MTN Recharge Cards (40 MTN ePins Per Paper)

You can subscribe to NetDivo YouTube channel for our upcoming free tutorials and training on gsm recharge cards business in Nigeria.


Morrisson ↗

NetDivo gave me other epin dealers info, thereby letting me have more than one source of buying pins.

Amaka ↗

I receive my epins from NetDivo, same day I pay. If unavailable they inform me and they do refund too.

Ahmed ↗

NetDivo customer care is top notch. They reply emails and chats asap. Kudos to them.


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