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Addresses of Recharge Card Dealers in Lagos Nigeria

There are recharge card dealers in Lagos, Nigeria that sell recharge cards of all networks in wholesale to sub dealers who also sell in wholesale to retailers and also sell to end users. Those main dealers or distributors are the one that have direct access to buy stock from the telekom operators.

The Sales department of the telekom operators serves as the link between the Nigeria telekom providers and the recharge card dealers.  So, if you know any MTN staff in Nigeria that works in the Sales department, he or she will definitely be able to link you up with an MTN distributor in the state where he or she works.

There are very few dealers in each state but lots of sub dealers because becoming recharge card distributor i.e dealer is not child’s play. Lots of money and paper works are involved besides the fact that you must have a registered company with head office in your state capital or a major town in your state.

Well, enough of the gist. 🙂


recharge card distributors dealers in lagos nigeria

If you want to get the contact addresses of recharge card dealers in Lagos Nigeria, it will cost you just N3,000, not N5,000 

I am selling this because those dealers are not paying me any dime to send customers to them.

So, if you’re interested and ready to pay, send a mail to info@rechargecardprinting.com and I will tell you how to send your payment.

Once I confirm your payment, I will send the details to your email.

The first 100 people to pay for the info will also get for FREE :

  1. Recharge Card Dealers in Ogun State
  2. Recharge Card Dealers in any other state of their choice (if available)

NB:  This info is for those looking for dealers that sell all types of recharge cards of all networks and denominations. No guarantee that those dealers will sell ePins to you because only few dealers sell ePins. Most dealers prefer selling printed recharge cards.

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  1. pls am actually a student,I stay in lagos but skul in delta state…how can I get the machine and how much is it

  2. Please talking about the ePin manager activation, how much is it going to cost me and how am I going to go about the payment.

  3. i want u to help me post some amination on my website please help me do dat and also some wall galaries please and also help me make some post on my website help me make some website

  4. Pls even without that pos mechine can you start cart printing with just the netdivo software in your system and can 50 thousuand start up the business if no pls tell me the minimun amount to start the business?

  5. Please Mr.Jide, if i start printing of recharge card it will bear my name as a dealer also?
    Nwankwo Uche Kingsley

  6. Hello Jide, How much is the price of recharge card? with 100k someone can start after purchased printing printer?

    Nwankwo Uche Kingsley

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