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How To Get Authorization Code for NetDivo ePin Manager

Once you launch the Netdivo recharge card printing software after installing it on your computer, you will be prompted to enter an authorization code before you can make use of the software. 

NetDivo epin manager

If you are using the netdivo epin manager mobile app or the netdivo website for printing recharge cards, you will be required to enter activation code during registration.

To get the activation key, kindly pay N9,500 to the account below:

Bank Name : First Bank Nigeria PLC
Account Name : JidBiz International
Account Number : 2019504416

After payment, send an email :

to info@rechargecardprinting.com.

stating how much you paid and include name on the bank account you transfered the money from or simply attach the receipt when sending the email.

Also include the serial number of the netdivo epin manager (if you install it on computer) and your phone number.

If it is phone you want to use for the business, there is no need for serial number. Just email us your phone number and state that it is phone you want to use for the printing.

Then, we will generate your activation code and send it to you.

We will also give you info of how to buy epins from us at NetDivo at discounted prices. So, you will definitely earn commission on recharge card sales.

You will also receive info of other dealers you can buy epins from plus sample demo epin file for practice.

Kindly note that you can as well transfer the fund to our bank via internet banking, mobile banking or at the ATM or POS shop. Just send name on the bank account you transferred from.

Can I Pay for NetDivo ePin Manager Activation Code Online?

Yes, you can!

You can also pay online with your debit card at : https://paystack.com/pay/netdivoepinmanagerkey

And after sending the details to the email, you can alert us via : 08074399768

Admin : Jide Ogunsanya (aka jidetheblogger)

Kind Regards!

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120 responses to “How To Get Authorization Code for NetDivo ePin Manager”


    1. jidetheblogger Avatar

      Thanks for your patronage too. God bless you.

  2. starfields enterprise Avatar
    starfields enterprise

    please how do i send my proof of payment

    1. jidetheblogger Avatar

      via email or make use of the contact form on the contact page of this website

  3. Ayodele Owoeye Avatar
    Ayodele Owoeye

    Let say I didn’t have a business name and I want to purchase epins from other dealers, Is it a must I make payment with a business account? Can’t I make payment without an individual account to the epin dealers?

    1. jidetheblogger Avatar

      you can use individual account

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