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How To Get Authorization Code for NetDivo ePin Manager

Once you launch the Netdivo recharge card printing software after installing it on your computer, you will be prompted to enter an authorization code before you can make use of the software. 

NetDivo epin manager

To get the activation key, kindly pay N9,500 to the account below:

Bank Name : First Bank Nigeria PLC
Account Name : JidBiz International
Account Number : 2019504416

After payment, send :

  • your teller number,
  • the serial number of the installed ePin Manager on your PC and
  • your phone number

to info@rechargecardprinting.com.

Then, we will use the serial number you sent to us, to generate your unique netdivo epin manager authorization code and send it to you alongside the info on how to buy epins from us at discount prices. So, you will definitely earn commission on recharge card sales.

You can as well transfer the fund to our bank via internet banking, mobile banking or at the ATM or POS shop. In such case, you won’t have to send teller number. Just send name on the bank account you transferred from.

You can also pay online with your debit card at : https://paystack.com/pay/netdivoepinmanagerkey

And after sending the details to the email, you can alert us via : 08074399768

Admin : Jide Ogunsanya (aka jidetheblogger)

Kind Regards!

108 responses to “How To Get Authorization Code for NetDivo ePin Manager”

  1. After the authorization key which the payment is #9,500, pls can u briefly explain how to buy the e-pins and how much is it…..

    • after you pay for activation, we will give you info of how to buy epins from us and from other recommended epin dealers

  2. Hello sir, still on??? I haven’t seen your recent 2020 charts, is it safe for me to purchase activation code now?

  3. Pls, Can I start purchasing epin from you without subscribing to you software because I have one am using before. Only what I need is epin. Thanks

    • Yes, you can buy recharge card epins from us even if you are using another company software, but you will pay registration fee before we can sell to you. pls click here to contact us when you are ready/p>

      • I want to purchase MTN and GLO e-pin voucher.. Have got the recharge card software from banton services ltd. How do I do go about the purchase of E-pin.. Awaiting your response soon ..

  4. how long does Activation code takes(duration) , could you purchase it at once, or every time you come to buy epins.

  5. After geting the activation key how do i do to start printing the card? or i will be the one to creat the pins or how* pls.

    • You will buy epins, upload it to the software and print out. Pls, go through our manual and the video on this website.

    • Yes. After activation, buy epins, upload it to the software and print out. Pls, go through our manual and the video on this website.

  6. Pls Mr jide I hope after activating the Netdivo Authorization of the software it doesn’t expire or have time limit??

  7. Pls, is the activation key of #9500 different from the unique authorization key?again from what i read it’s to purchase pins and recharge cards Different again? or to print rather?,clearify me because am aiming at printing it by myself.is the money for pin and recharge card different from activation key of #9500?

    • The activation key is the same as the authorization key. You need it to activate the software after installing it. Without activation, you cannot use the software. After you activate the software, you will be buying epins you want to print out as airtime vouchers.

  8. Pls am in Abuja now but i want to do the buying of the recharge card pin here and send it to my brother in Akwa Ibom State for printing will it be done like that?

  9. Sir, Good Morning
    can we use this Software or the Code to Print all Recharge Cards like MTN, Airtel, Glo and the others?
    And How many times can we Buy the Code, and is the Code for Printing or for Activation?

    • the code is for the activation of the software. Without activation, you cannot use it to print the epins you will be buying from dealers. The software can print epins of any network in Nigeria.

  10. Mr Jide good Morning plz can I be a distributor for your software and how much will U be given me that I will be given it to customer and can I go about it Sir? Anticipate to hear from U

  11. if i make the payment today how will i get the activation code, how long will it take you to recommend me to the dealer.

  12. Good evening Sir,
    Please if I active the software on my system than something come up I now format my system can the key I use before work with it again?

    • No it won’t but when such happens, contact us and we will tell you what to do to get it working on the computer again.

  13. Pls Sir I have a laptop and a printer because I wanted to start the recharge card business but the dealers I meet said DAT I can’t print recharge card unless I buy their pos orange box now am confused

    • Don’t mind them. You can print airtime in Nigeria using your computer, printer and the netdivo epin manager software.

  14. please how can i get the software in my computer because i have downloaded it and install it on my computer OR should i make payment first before i can install it

    • You can make payment after installing it. After installation, you cannot use it until you activate it.

  15. Hi Jide, please i got to know about this software..but my issue is the #9500 for the pin..Please kindly assist as i am student and the economy is not friendly now..please.I beg of you.Thanks as i await a favourable response from you.bb

  16. Good day, pls what’s the current price for the activation, I will be happy if you guys will help me out reduce the 9500, am in need of this pls assist me.

  17. Hello sir! I understand everything about the e-pins software but something is still blank to me. How can I get the recharge card pin and serial as a (***********.txt). please share more light on that on your video or e-mail me on gmail ( saravcom2015@gmail.com).

    • You will buy the pins from dealers that sell pins. We give out info of the dealers when you pay for the activation of our software.

  18. Good evening sir, please how much is the software and e-pins. And is there any other thing that I need to know. Thanks

    • Activation of our software is N9,500. You can download it free though. Al you need to know have been explained in the pdf manual and also in the video guide.

  19. sorry sir, i have gone through the manure and downloaded the software too so how much discount will i get for now (software)? i operate with vm tech, can there e pins be printable on the netdivo software too?

    • It is a universal recharge cards printing software. So, it can work with epins purchased from any dealer.

  20. Are you talking of e-pin sale or printing of paper cards.I am interested in paper card printing.What about it?

    • Your question is not clear. Our software prints epins on paper. You have to upload your epins to the software, which will now print it on paper for you to sell out to your customers

      • LWKMD. I laughed for over 30 minutes when I read this comment of IORTSUGHUN NATHANIEL.

        How can a human being want to join software? Nigerians are always comedians anywhere anytime.

        Jide please allow him join the software; embed him in the back end code to be counting the number of prints per day by the software.

  21. I sent a comment but not replied. Pls, Oga Jide, how can i download the software before activation.
    I really want to start this biz immediately pls reply me as soon as possible

  22. please sir i have installed Epin manager software on my system, but i dont understand all about the pin. what will it takes me to start printing recharge cards

  23. Hi Jide, i appreciate your effort and help, Please i will be glad if you can display your phone number or customers service number on this platform, and again #9500 is not too much but Nigerian economy is not friendly now, So i ask for your help Please

    • Our phone numbers are boldly printed on the software after installation and also in the first email sent to anyone that opts in for the free software. So, anyone that still can’t see the phone number is not a serious customer. We only have time to dedicate to the serious ones.

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