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Glo Recharge Card e Pins Now Available

You can now buy Glo recharge card e pin from us even if you are not using the Netdivo recharge card printing software. Pricing will depend on how many units of the globacom epins that you need. If you are interested in buying the epins, feel free to email us or use the contact form here.

Once you pay us, we will send you a file containing the Glo ePins. All you need do is to upload the file to your recharge card printing software, load your printer with papers and print. Once printed, you can start selling the glo airtime vouchers anywhere in Nigeria.

Printing Glo airtime vouchers in Nigeria is easy with our airtime printing software. Our latest software allows you to print 10, 20 or 40 vouchers on a paper. And apart from that, it is a universal recharge card printing software as it allows you to print airtime of all networks in Nigeria. That is, you can use the Netdivo software to print airtime vouchers of 9Mobile, MTN, Glo and Airtel.

If you are interested in the Glo ePins or the Netdivo ePin manager software, contact us today!

buy glo e pins for recharge card printing business in Nigeria

How To Recharge Glo Card In Nigeria

The process of recharging Glo recharge card in Nigeria is a straightforward task. Glo, as one of the major telecom operators, offers users various options to top up their airtime, catering to different preferences and technological comfort levels. These include the use of glo recharge code, official glo mobile apps, or the use of online platforms.

How To Load Glo Recharge Card

Out of the options you can use to recharge glo card in Nigeria, the use of ussd code is the simplest.

Users simply need to dial the universal glo recharge ussd code on their mobile devices, followed by the voucher/PIN number, and their airtime will be promptly credited.

The code to load glo card is : *311*Glo Recharge Card PIN#

For example, if the credit pin is 1234 5678 9876 987, just dial *311*123456789876987# to load your Glo card.

If successful, Globacom airtime will be promptly credited.

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6 responses to “Glo Recharge Card e Pins Now Available”


    I want to into the business but where can i purchase e-pin?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      We will give you info of where you can purchase pins after you pay for the activation of our software.

  2. Adewa oluwatosin Avatar
    Adewa oluwatosin

    Please, is the activation pin free to activate the netdivo software after you Install it on your computer or if it’s not free how much is it? 2ndly how much are you selling ur epin, can you print #200 and #100 card on 1 epin u purchased, lastly how many voucher are you expecting from 1 purchase of epin to be print?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      Software activation costs N9,500. One epin make sone voucher you load on your phone. So, one pin cannot print two vouchers. if you buy one epin of glo1oo, you will only be able to print one glo100voucher. Simple!!

  3. Cajethan Avatar

    How much pay unity of the Glo epins/

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      send us an email or call us for current pricing.

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