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NetDivo Software Showing Error 3709? Here is How To Fix It

The NetDivo ePin Manager is a universal software for producing recharge cards in Nigeria. It simply allows users to upload ePin files bought from any recharge card dealer in Nigeria, then turn them to vouchers which can be sold to end users who want to load airtime on their phone.

We try so much to ensure that the NetDivo ePin Manager software works with all Windows operating system irrespective of the type of computer been used by anyone using the software. Nevertheless, there are still come cases when it throws runtime error 3709 when launched after installation.

runtime error 3709 netdivo recharge card printing software

Well, there is a solution for that.

If the NetDivo software for printing recharge cards is not working on your computer after you installed it i.e not opening, first uninstall it from your PC via the “Control Panel” of your computer. Kindly note that deleting is different from un-installation. You have to uninstall the NetDivo software, not just delete it.

After you install it, please walk in to a nearby computer store, get Microsoft Office 2007, install it on your PC and ensure you activate it with the license key provided in the CD.

After installing the Ms Office 2007 on your PC, you can proceed to re install the NetDivo recharge card printing software.

Try it and feel free to give us feedback via our contact email.

You can download NetDivo ePin Manager here.


4 responses to “NetDivo Software Showing Error 3709? Here is How To Fix It”

  1. muhammad umar Avatar
    muhammad umar

    Thank you your software has proven resourceful

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      Glad to hear this. God bless you.

  2. SOLOMON Avatar


    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      You’re welcome

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