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Price List of Recharge Card ePins in Nigeria for MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat

Update : We have deleted the price list of airtime ePins in Nigeria for MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat. We did this because the pricing changes almost everyday. So, if you want to know the current price, contact us via the email address on the “Contact” page and we will get back to you.


Kindly note that once you pay for the activation key for the NetDivo ePin Manager, you will get info of dealers that sell recharge cards in Nigeria as well as info of where you can buy recharge card ePins.

all nigerian networks


You can download Recharge Card printing software here.

Kindly note that ePin pricing changes almost everyday.  You can get the epins even at cheaper rates by the time you are ready to start the business. Hence, you will have to contact the dealers to find out the current price they are selling the ePins before placing your order.

You can watch the video here to learn how to use the NetDivo ePin Manager software to print the ePins on papers.






52 responses to “Price List of Recharge Card ePins in Nigeria for MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat”

  1. Hello Good morning, are e pins bought Everytime one wants to print? And also is it just one e pin for all service providers or each service provider and it’s epin? Thanks .

    • Yes, you buy epins everytime you want to print. mtn100 epin is different from mtn200 epins and different from Glo200 epin. each epin is unique.

  2. Please I would really want to know more about the printing from phone.
    1) Does it require an app, if no how is one suppose to convert it to recharge cards
    2) And regarding the activation code does it means that one has to make use of it whenever one wants to print recharge cards.

  3. What if after installing the software and something happens that i have to buy the software again, will i payfor the activation code again?

  4. Good evening Sir, please sir my system is giving me problem so I want to format it, how can I get the epin software manager back after my formating ? Please.

  5. hello,
    please can you help me with the following;

    1. the current price list the pins are sold per denomination from some selected supplier

    2. I noticed cards are the back of the recharge card are printed in colour, does that means I will have to get a colour printer along with other things as specified in your blog.

    3. is there any other certificate or approval involving payment required before one can start ??

    thanks for your anticipated support

    • Pls click here to contact us for the latest price of epins. For coloured vouchers, take your plain papers to printing press for them to customize them for you before using them for printing. No certificate required.

  6. Good evening sir, please i will like to know the latest e-pin price for all network. Thanks

  7. Good morning Jide. pls I need. a comprehensive. breakdown of. all that’s required to go into d. recharge. card printing business. In Nigeria thanks

  8. Good morning Jide. pls I need. a comprehensive. breakdown of. all that’s required to go into d. recharge. card printing business. in. Nigeria. thanks

  9. Good morning jide i really want start printing on my own but the problem is am from kebbi state.

  10. Hi Jide, nice job. kindly give me details on how to get the software, amount and available vouchers on all network.
    2. Where and how can I get the pin in Abuja?
    3. is the 9500 for the software? and after paying that amount am I expected to pay any amount again?
    I need your phone number to my mail box.
    thk you.

    • 9500 is for the activation of the software. You will be paying dealers for the pins you will be printing.

  11. please can you help me on the price for Authorize cold of the ePin manager ? the 9500 is a bit much for now

    i just installed the software today and wish to start as soon as possible. please i m expecting your respond. thanks

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