You can make money reselling the NetDivo ePin manager anywhere in Nigeria.

All you just need to do is to install for others, buy the license key from us at a discount and you keep the profit.

For example, if we sell 50 keys to you at N2,000 each and you sell the 50 license keys at N9,500, that simply means you will earn N375,000 profit (N7,500 profit per one) just selling to 50 people.


You buy 50 keys @ N2,000 each. Hence, 50 keys costs you N100,000

You sell 50 keys @ N9,500 each. Hence, 50 keys gives you N475,000

Profit = N475,000 – N100,000  = N375,000

Ain’t that cool?

Below is the pricing for resellers :

N2,000 per key = Minimum of 50 keys.
N3,500 per key = Minimum of 20 keys
N5,000 per key = Minimum of 10 Keys.
N6,000 per key = Minimum of 5 keys.

If you just want to get another licence key for someone after you might have initially paid N9,500 for your own key, you will get the extra key @ N7,000.

When you pay for multiple keys at once, we create special report for you to keep track of the number of leys we have generated for you.

You can organize free seminar on recharge card printing business and sell the activation keys to those that are interested in activating their NetDivo ePin manager.


If you sign up for Konga affiliate program, you can also generate your affiliate link for the product and promote it so that Konga can be paying you the commission per sale. Konga will pay you around 10% of the N9,500 as commission. Kinda poor when compared to the first option above.

Product link at :

You can sign up for Konga affiliate program here:

More so;

We offer resellers our customized version of the product.

We can customize recharge cards printing software for your company to bear your company’s name, company logo, contacts etc. at negotiable price. With this, your company can start installing a recharge cards printing software for thousands of customers.

Hence, you will be able to generate license keys and keep all the money to yourself. Yes, we will tell you how to produce the license keys.

Kindly note that it’s a software customized for ONE PC at a time, it can’t be accessed by anyone who downloads until you are contacted for activation. Hence, perfect product to make money in Nigeria.

Contact Us if interested.