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Black Friday Discount Offer for NetDivo Online Portal and ePin Manager Activation Code

If you’re yet to activate your copy of the NetDivo software you installed on your computer, here is an opportunity to get the activation code for N5,500 instead of N9,500 on or before 30th November, 2020.

If interested, Pay #5,500 into :

Bank Name First Bank Nigeria PLC
Account Name JidBiz International
Account Number 201 9504 416

After payment, send

> your teller number or sender bank account name if you paid using mobile transfer, from POS etc
> your phone number and
> the serial number of the installed ePin Manager on your PC to info@rechargecardprinting.com

If online transfer, send us the name on the account you transfer from.

Once we confirm the payment, we will :

> will generate your activation key and send it to your email
> will send the info of dealers where you can be buying your airtime epins of all networks to your email too. We sell ePins too.
> will send sample demo airtime e pins for practice.


You can pay the #5,550 online via

If you’ve not downloaded and installed the NetDivo ePin Manager for printing recharge cards of all networks in Nigeria, you can download it from the link below :

Click here to download it

Enquiries : 08074399768



If you do not have a computer, you can print recharge cards with mobile phone by making use of the netdivo epin manager online portal.

The online recharge cards printing portal can be access by any device that has a web browser and can be connected to the internet.

The NetDivo website for printing recharge cards allows you to upload airtime e-pins you buy from any dealer and it helps you convert it to airtime vouchers which you can print out from printer connected to your phone.

The vouchers can also be saved in pdf and exported for printing from anywhere i.e cyber cafe, business centre etc. You can also add company name to recharge cards you print with your mobile phone.

You can access the online airtime printing portal via https://www.PrintAirtimeOnline.com

but you need an access code for you to be registered on the platform.

As Black Friday offer, you can get the access code for the NetDivo Online recharge card printing portal for #7,500 instead of #9,500.

If interested, Pay #7,500 into :

Bank Name First Bank Nigeria PLC
Account Name JidBiz International
Account Number 201 9504 416

After payment, send payment information and your phone number to info@rechargecardprinting.com

We will send the access code to you once your payment is confirmed.

Enquiries : 08074399768

Offer ends 30th November, 2020.

Kind Regards!


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