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Download Free pdf Manual on How To Print Recharge Cards

The user guide for Netdivo ePin Manager is now available for you to read online or download, free of charge.

The pdf is a step by step guide on how to print recharge vouchers using the NetDivo ePin Manager software with your computer.

You will learn :

==> how to upload airtime pins to the software
==> how to enter your business name to be printed on the recharge cards
==> how to print mtn recharge cards and that of other networks
==> how to RE-print printed recharge cards
==> how to view list of printed vouchers set
==> how to flush printed and non-printed vouchers
==> how to add users to the software

….and many more.

download button

Click here to download it now!

You can also download and read it online via google drive here.

Recharge Card Printing Software

Need PDF Manual That Explains How To Print Recharge Cards With Android Phone?

After reading, ensure you use the FREE knowledge to make money by teaching people around you how to use the software. You can organize seminars etc and make money. Think…. 😉 🙂

We’ve done our part to empower you with info to enable you start making money from the business even if you decide not to print the vouchers. It’s left for you to act…

Feel free to give us your feedback.

Have fun!







341 responses to “Download Free pdf Manual on How To Print Recharge Cards”

  1. CHIBU Avatar


    1. Jide Avatar

      Also watch the video…

  2. Chioma Aleruchi Avatar
    Chioma Aleruchi

    Thank you sir
    i appreciate.
    having difficulties downloading the book
    plz help

    1. Jide Avatar

      It’s very easy to download the software. Pls retry.

  3. Olagboye olakunle Akinyemi Avatar
    Olagboye olakunle Akinyemi

    If I want to start how much will cost me I have interest on it

  4. Favour Avatar

    I Will like to be a dealer in Bwari, FCT

  5. Adebisi Avatar

    please iam unable to download the software.

    1. Jide Avatar

      Maybe network problem. Try again…

  6. Daniel Peter Avatar

    The software is downloading on my Pc

  7. olusegun michael Avatar
    olusegun michael

    i want to start a small printing recharge card business, i have acomputer, printer and internet, i need a detail information

    1. Jide Avatar

      Read the free manual and watch the video

  8. bose Avatar

    Please Mr jide assist me on how to start printing recharge cards In Ibadan

  9. Emmanuel Ayomide Avatar
    Emmanuel Ayomide

    Pls, I wanna start this up asap.

  10. Munachi Nwoba Avatar
    Munachi Nwoba

    Thanks for the this great opportunity.
    But am having a lot of challenges here, how to start, and to download the manual?

    1. Jide Avatar

      Download the manual from the links in the post above.

  11. Mommodu Avatar

    how can get the soft where please tell me where i can get the software the name please i need it

  12. wale Avatar

    How do I get those softwares

  13. benjamin johnmark Avatar
    benjamin johnmark

    hw to become a dealer in recharge card business

    1. Jide Avatar

      Send us an email. We will get back to you.

  14. Eze Prince Avatar
    Eze Prince

    Can mini system print it

    1. Jide Avatar

      Yes, if you can install software on it and print with it.


    Can you direct me on how to become a recharge card dealer

    1. Jide Avatar

      Yes, I can

  16. Gallant Avatar

    Please I want to know how to register for the recharge card printing business online

    1. Jide Avatar

      Nothing like registering online. Just walk in to a dealers shop, buy the vouchers in bulk as a wholesaler i.e sub dealer and sell. If dealer insists you register, then register.

  17. Andrew E. Clement Avatar
    Andrew E. Clement

    Good evening please i want to know much i will start this recharge card business and how can i do the registration online. please help me give me the fit back immediately. thanks

  18. Daniel Avatar

    Hello bros..
    Please can you send me or link me how to get or download the manual guide on
    How to set up recharge card with this software

    1. Jide Avatar

      The download links for the guide are in the post above.

  19. browny yemmyxra Avatar
    browny yemmyxra

    Please I need you to put me tru dis business, I am in ijebu ode.

    1. Jide Avatar

      Download the ebook and watch the video. If you need more info, kindly mail us.

  20. ibrahim kazeem Avatar
    ibrahim kazeem

    please information on how to become a recharge card and how one can get the printing software.

    1. Jide Avatar

      Download the recharge card printing :software here

      1. maryam Avatar

        which website did u said I can log on to know how to start as a wholesaler

        1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

          I can’t remember telling anyone such thing. You can send us an email if you need info on how to become recharge card dealer or subdealer in Nigeria

  21. Dr. Onwuka K. O Avatar
    Dr. Onwuka K. O

    I need detailed information on how to start the business

    1. Jide Avatar

      Watch the video …

  22. Ezechuks Avatar

    Good day, Please i’ve been trying to download this pdf but its not downloading. pls i dont know if you can send the pdf to my email, i will seriously appreciate it. Thanks for the information.

  23. abiodun dada Avatar
    abiodun dada

    please, lead us aright on how we can download the pdf manual. thanks

    1. Jide Avatar

      The download links for the pdf manaul are in the post above

  24. Musa Abdul Avatar
    Musa Abdul

    Good day, Please i’ve been trying to download this pdf but its not downloading. pls i dont know if you can send the software and the pdf to my email, i will seriously appreciate it. Thanks for the information.

    1. Jide Avatar

      Send us an email

  25. uchenna Avatar

    Good day boss.am really interested in this business far before now.I already bought some of the things needed, all I need now is how to install the program in my system and some other things I need to be guided at.pls reply me I need your help.

    1. Jide Avatar

      Get the :software here and install. Then read the manual and watch the video.

  26. blessed Avatar

    Please can the software be installed in any kinda laptop be it old or new model or does it need a particular model?

    1. Jide Avatar

      Yes, works on old or new.

  27. chinwe Avatar

    i really love to be printing and selling recharge cards but don’t know how to go about it.

    1. Jide Avatar

      Start by reading the free manual and also watch the video

  28. Adeyemi Kehinde Avatar
    Adeyemi Kehinde

    please reaally need ur help abt dis printing of recharge card of a thing I went for d lecture b4 nd I also start d printing bt my system was stolen and I really need another software nd how do I buy d e-pins?? 08182105114

  29. ezekiel Avatar

    Pls sir, am from sango, and I had learnt how to print the recharge vouchers since 3years ago. But how can I get the software and where to get the pin? My email is ezekoventures@yahoo.com thank you.

  30. Jude Ude Avatar
    Jude Ude

    How do I start here in pHc can I av a mobile phone contact

    1. Jide Avatar

      Mobile phone contacts are in the mails you receive after you opt in for the software at the software page.

  31. victor Avatar

    please i need ur help my wife want to do this biz she has about 400k what level can she be a dealer or sub-dealer. please any useful information and how to get start u can mail it to me. ur office address, phone etc. thanks

    1. Jide Avatar

      Contact us via email

  32. james Avatar

    i am having problem downloading the netdivo software using the link you provided ,can you please do something about that.

    1. Jide Avatar

      The download link is working fine. Send us an email if you still encounter problem downloading the software

  33. Biodun Avatar

    How can I be the main dealer to sub-dealer

    1. Jide Avatar

      Send us an email to get the info

  34. osadebe pedro Avatar
    osadebe pedro

    Please how do l start this card printing business, how much is the machine and else do l need to do or know? l can’t download your guide book, please help.

    1. Jide Avatar

      It’s a software and not a machine. If what you want is the POS machine that prints recharge cards, send us an email so we can tell you how to get it.

      1. sunday Avatar

        how much is the pos machine and in general the capital

      2. sunday Avatar

        how much is the recharge pin voucher for each network

  35. Abdulkareem Abbas Avatar

    Please I will be very glad of u can enligjting me on this business..thanks.

    1. Jide Avatar

      Please, read the manual and watch the video.

      1. Frank Egbunike Avatar
        Frank Egbunike

        I am much interested in this business, based in Kaduna and i pray it comes out genuine. Please i cant get your E-mail address and your your Location. I hope you are in Lagos

  36. Onibiade Avatar

    pls kindly mail to me ur GT BANK ACCOUNT No THANKS

  37. Amos Avatar

    Please, what does it cost to be a dealer. Then I wish to start with printing @ Ibadan , Please give me a lead.

    1. Jide Avatar

      Send us an email so we can give you the details

  38. ola Avatar

    Am interested and how do I go about it please

    1. Jide Avatar

      Get started by downloading the free manual and the software. Also watch the video tutorial.

  39. Samuelwisdom Avatar

    Bros hw much could a leaner can afford b4 he/she can start such a business?

  40. Samuelwisdom Avatar

    Im wisdomblessed by name,iam a new member in this site iam in portharcourt;how can i get connection about this business?

    1. Jide Avatar

      Start by reading the manual and also watch the video.

  41. olubunmi oyedokun Avatar
    olubunmi oyedokun

    I am interested in recharge card selling. Do I need to print or be buying for the business to be profitable?

    1. Jide Avatar

      You mean whether to print or just buy the already printed ones and resell?

  42. Lilian Liliy Avatar
    Lilian Liliy

    please i want to start the business can you put me through.

      1. ibrahim kazeem Avatar
        ibrahim kazeem

        pls how do i become recharge card dealer i am in ibadan.

  43. Jennifer Avatar

    Please can i use my laptop to do the job apart from desktop?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Yes, you can use a laptop.

  44. Sameologie Avatar

    What else does one really need in order to kick start this recharge card business?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      You just need computer, printer, papers and cash for buying ePins you will be printing with the software.

  45. kefas Avatar

    I Will like to be a dealer in gombe state

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Contact us so we give you info of how to become a dealer.

  46. okafor chukwudi Avatar
    okafor chukwudi

    jide please i want to start the business on how to print recharge card. Not only that i want you to teach on how to make online money and also on how create a software.

  47. james Avatar

    please to want amount can someone print as in 500, 1000, 1500, are these amount among too

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Well, if you have the pins, you can. But I recommend you print the small denominations as most people will prefer to buy the sealed ones instead of the printed ones.

  48. Joseph Chikeleze Avatar

    Hello boss,

    gonna give this a try…really cool making naija good both in online trading and offline.
    i love your innovation..Keep it up; i sent you a mail via facebook bro.

    My regards;
    joseph Ybholy

    1. Jide Avatar

      Thanks Joseph. I appreciate your kind words. Stay blessed!

  49. Matthew Avatar

    Ready for business, I will like to be a Main Dealer in Ibadan for Sub dealers……. Is there any package for that?

    1. Jide Avatar

      Mail us to get info on how to become a dealer.

      Kind Regards!

      1. Heman Justine Avatar

        I am really interesting to do recharge card business I want to be a dealer please help me.

        1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

          Kindly contact us so we tell you all you need to become a dealer.

          1. ELISHA Avatar

            I like the idea of the business but problem now is I don’t where to get the necessary stuff about the it

  50. Tunde Sanusi (Tuham) Avatar

    A friend of mine wanted to start the Recharge Card biz, and i’ve given him the link of this website. I hope everything works out the best

    1. Jide Avatar

      Sure bro. Thanks for that. God bless you.

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