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Download Free pdf Manual on How To Print Recharge Cards

The user guide for Netdivo ePin Manager is now available for you to read online or download, free of charge.

The pdf is a step by step guide on how to print recharge vouchers using the NetDivo ePin Manager software with your computer.

You will learn :

==> how to upload airtime pins to the software
==> how to enter your business name to be printed on the recharge cards
==> how to print mtn recharge cards and that of other networks
==> how to RE-print printed recharge cards
==> how to view list of printed vouchers set
==> how to flush printed and non-printed vouchers
==> how to add users to the software

….and many more.

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Click here to download it now!

You can also download and read it online via google drive here.

Recharge Card Printing Software

Need PDF Manual That Explains How To Print Recharge Cards With Android Phone?

After reading, ensure you use the FREE knowledge to make money by teaching people around you how to use the software. You can organize seminars etc and make money. Think…. 😉 🙂

We’ve done our part to empower you with info to enable you start making money from the business even if you decide not to print the vouchers. It’s left for you to act…

Feel free to give us your feedback.

Have fun!







341 responses to “Download Free pdf Manual on How To Print Recharge Cards”

  1. Laolu Avatar

    So sir what about the scratch cards?how will I print that?and please can you send me a copy of the manual

    1. Jide Avatar

      Send us an email and we will reply you with the copy of the manual.

  2. olaoye oloruntoba Avatar
    olaoye oloruntoba

    sir, is it possible 4 me to download d software my self?*if yes how can i get d activation key?*pls reply me on d mail bellow and ur number sir.dis IS my number 08102950291

    1. Jide Avatar

      Yes. Download it from the software page and install it. Then send the serial number to our email address with your payment details if you’ve paid for the key. Then, we will send you the activation key and dealers info once we confirm your payment.

  3. chibuzor Avatar

    please i need the download link for the software i think i will give it a try…. my email address is ezidimma1@gmail.com

    1. Jide Avatar

      Kindly check the “software’ download page or send us an email and we will send you the download link of the epin Manager

  4. VICTOR Avatar

    where am i going to get the pin for card printing
    an also you surpass to sell it
    and where toActivate NetDivo ePin Manager

  5. Aminu Avatar

    Please can you differenciate the position dealar and whole seller in this business

    1. Jide Avatar

      Dealers buys the pins and other cards directly from the telekom operators while wholesalers buy them from the dealers.

  6. joy Avatar

    Pls am in Enugu state @ Nsukka how can I start card printing business n my area

    1. Jide Avatar

      Install the software, buy pins, print the pins and start selling in Nsukka. Send us an email if you need more info.

  7. Munachi Nwoba Avatar
    Munachi Nwoba

    Hello sir, I have been following the comments and most of them seem to my questions too. After activating the software where and how do I get the pin for printing?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      You will buy the pins from dealers which we will send you their info after you pay for the activation of our software. We do sell pins atimes too.

  8. Dagogo Hart Avatar
    Dagogo Hart

    Hello bro, can the soft-wear run on window 7? And please after the soft-wear , PC and internet what else?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      Yes. It works perfectly on Windows 7. After getting all the things needed, you only have to be buying the pins to print.

  9. hardeyemi Avatar

    How can wi buy or print glo recharge card printing and customize with card

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      Your question is not clear. Anyway, you can use our software to print glo cards and customize the cards with your business name

  10. Isaac Daniel Avatar
    Isaac Daniel

    please am interested in recharge card printing business, how can I get the link

  11. MegaTel Avatar

    I want to start printing recharge card voucher

  12. Tessy Avatar

    I have printer, laptop, internet modem, so how nd where can I learn the printing stuff

  13. Emmanuel Avatar

    pls sir this 9500 is it only for the software activation or after paying the money there all so give pin to generate

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      N,9500 is only for activation of the software.

  14. Louis Patrick Avatar
    Louis Patrick

    I can’t download the file is there any other way

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      Which file?

  15. Madukasi Collins Avatar
    Madukasi Collins

    pls, I would love to get the software of the netdivo pls. And also how to I activate it once I have it. lastly I want to know the maximum start up capital to begin with and how to contact the dealers

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      Download it ia the “software” page. You can also send us your requests via email.

  16. shedee baba one Avatar
    shedee baba one

    Hw much is d pos nd d software.hw much does both cost?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya
  17. Tosin florence Avatar
    Tosin florence

    How much is the new pay to register to get the netdivo code

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      N9.500 to get the code.

  18. ibikunle victor Avatar
    ibikunle victor

    i want to download the software but can not please help me

  19. ozigi miracle Avatar

    To know how to make recharge card

  20. Stanley adim Avatar
    Stanley adim

    good Am Bro pls how can I download the manual.

  21. Kingsley patrick Avatar
    Kingsley patrick

    were in calabar can I get the pos?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      We can send it to you via courier

  22. Adesusi Femi Avatar
    Adesusi Femi

    How much is your pos stamina and software

    1. Emmanuel osaro Avatar
      Emmanuel osaro

      Tell me how I can come up ln this

  23. Jobeenee Avatar

    Hello, at what rate do the providers sell you the recharge cards?

    1. kenny Avatar

      pls type ur emial address

  24. chineyemba Avatar

    how do I get started on this recharge printing

    1. Jide Avatar

      contact us via email then…

  25. jimklef Avatar

    please sir, how can i get the software for the rrecharge card printing, please replied me on my email, jimklefmomoh@gmail.com

  26. Adewole Avatar

    Sir I Cant Download The Pdf File On 4share Please Upload It To Datafilehost or Any Other Hosting Please

    1. Jide Avatar

      Contact us via email and we will attach it alongside the reply to your email.

  27. Chuks Avatar

    Want to know more pls

  28. EDWARD USHIE Avatar

    Good morning bro. Pls i want to start this recharge card business. so what is the first step. pls notify me via email. Thanks

    1. Jide Avatar

      Learn how it works. Read our free manual and watch the free video too.

  29. Kingsley Avatar

    Pls, I wish to know which is cost effective between POS and Software in recharge card printing business cos I intend to venture into the biznes. But I am here in Lagos but I want to establish the biznes in my State; Cross River. pls advised.

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
      Jide Ogunsanya

      Use of software is the best.

  30. Nasiru Avatar

    Pls, can u tell me d price of all d requirements it takes to b printing recharge card including pos machine. And i like to hav ur personal contact.

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Please, watch the video tutorial for info on the requirements. Go to the software page and enter your details. In the email you will receive, you will see the phone numbers to call. You can send an email too.

  31. Joseph Avatar

    I don’t know your email sir

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Email address is on the Contact Us page.

  32. kasim Avatar

    pls, can help link where i can buy and print?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      You get the info after you might have activated our recharge card printing software.

  33. victor vincent Avatar
    victor vincent

    I can’t download the software

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Why? Kindly mail us so we can resend the download link to you.

  34. iyiakaimo odinakachukwu promise Avatar
    iyiakaimo odinakachukwu promise

    Please Sir, assist me how what and what it will take me to start printing recharge card vouchers.
    i have went far on the business and i have the netdivo Epin manager and also the user guild but i am confuse about the pin please.
    after buying the pin is there any other thing to do before starting printing the recharge card?
    thanks remain please as you look over my report and put your effort to assist me.
    may God bless you.

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Once you have installed and activated the software, you can start printing vouchers on your computer once you have the pins. Nothing else. You need printer and papers too though.

  35. AFOLABI Avatar


    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Yes. Kindly send an email for details.

  36. Emmanuel Etim. Avatar
    Emmanuel Etim.

    Hello Boss Gud evening, How can i make money online please?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      There are many ways you can make money online. You can check 12 ways I make money online.

  37. Oyeleye David Avatar
    Oyeleye David

    pls I wanna do this buz, but how can I get the necessary materials easily

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      You mean computer, printer, papers or what?

  38. aye victor Avatar
    aye victor

    jide u thought us how to print recharge card in bayelsa state and since then i lost your contact because i want to start printing recharge card pls i want to start now can u still help me contact a dealer that i can deal with?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      You will get dealer info after you might have activated our recharge card printing software.

    2. obioha val Avatar
      obioha val

      Pls can I get the manual for recharge card printing, I want to know more about it

      1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar
        Jide Ogunsanya

        The download links are right there in this blog post. Scroll up and read again.

  39. uche Avatar

    Help me on how to get the printing machine

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      The POS or the software?

    2. Olawunmi Avatar

      Please where can I get the pos machine and the epin for printing recharge card in Abeokuta Ogun state

  40. uche Avatar

    Pls help me send where to get the machine in my email box pls

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      The POS machine for printing recharge cards or the software?

  41. Agbams UgoChukwu Avatar
    Agbams UgoChukwu

    How do I get to print the sealed recharge cards?

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      You can’t print those ones. Dealers buy them from the telekom operators. So, you buy them directly from dealers.

  42. Adebanjo Clement Avatar
    Adebanjo Clement

    Hi , I have downloaded the software but after installation it is requesting for activation code. How do I get the activation code? and also the pdf mannual is not downloadable . kindly help me out

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Read how to get activation code for Netdivo EPin Manager. You can send us an email so we can send the manual to your mail.

  43. Alfa Isaiah Avatar
    Alfa Isaiah

    Sir, i need you contact pls. Send to my email.

  44. ade bolu Avatar

    I think I understand the post, but what I want to read is how I will make my profit and also, hope those that sells epins are readily available everywhere in nigeria or can epins be bought online. Is it what without this software, one cannot print recharge cards? I need clarifications please. The business is surely lucrative

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      You can print recharge cards with the software. Alternatively, you can use a POS machine but the use of software is the best. You make profit just like people make profit from buy/sell business.

  45. Yinusa Akeem Avatar
    Yinusa Akeem

    i a cafe operator and am in a good location i want to start recharge card printing

    pls your Phone number and office address so that i can contact you

    thanks and remain bless.

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Check the Contact Us Page.

  46. YISA Avatar

    I really want to start this business of recharge card as in both wholesale and retails. I will be glad if u really help me out with more information about this.

  47. igwe Avatar

    It only download @ google drive

  48. Magnus Avatar

    Good morning bros. pls I cannot download d manual pls can u help me send it on my email to download agbakwomagnus@gmail.com DAT my email I want to read and start up. God bless

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Contact us via email. We will reply the email and attach the manual.

  49. kuro Avatar

    how much can i get the e pins from my dealers both mtn glo airtel. an how much for the activation key

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      Activation key for the software costs N9,500. You can send us an email to get the current price of ePins.

  50. princewill Avatar

    pls i need details to get an epins dealler in abia state

    1. Jide Ogunsanya Avatar

      You will get info of dealers when you receive activation key from us. So, pay for activation key to get the info.

      1. Wonu Avatar

        I need where to get the e-pin in Port Harcourt and prices for the networks

        1. princewill Avatar

          how much?

      2. Emmanuel Avatar

        the activation key is it one time payment or we re-new it

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